Prince Okwy Obi (B.Sc (Hons); MBA; Stockbroker RSA.; IBA; FEPA.) is an academic high flyer. After his honours degree in Accounting and Masters degree he worked as a Credit Manager in the then ABC Merchant bank. He migrated to Johannesburg in 1995 and lectured and worked in Birnam Business College (the second largest private college in the Southern Africa) as the Accounts and Operations supervisor.

In 1998, Okwy passed the Johannesburg Stock Exchange exam to qualify as a Stockbroker and Investment expert. By this feat, Okwy became the first person to pass the JSE exam from outside the exchange work-life; the first non-South African to pass the exam; and the second black person to be elected into the prestigious South African Institute of Stockbrokers (SAIS) in 1999.
In 2003, Okwy was appointed into the ‘Affirmative commission’ mandated to identify businesses owned by blacks; build capacity into them for enlistment in the stock exchange. Thus, Okwy trained wide in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise development. As the Chief Executive Office (CEO) of Senpack Africa, Okwy establishment entrepreneurship centres in several African countries including:- Swaziland; Madagascar; Johannesburg and Nairobi.

Okwy is an author of 7 books (including the best seller `Entrepreneurship Africa). In August 2011, Okwy was invited home (by Owelle Administration) where he has set up the Centre for Entrepreneurship Practice; Business Innovation & New venture creation (CEBN). He is the Director `ICAPS School of Business; Management and Entrepreneurship; Director Blue IQ Educational Services Consult (BIQ).
Presently, Okwy serves as the Vice President of ICAPS. His portfolio includes the development of training programme and curriculum. In this area, Okwy has developed training programmes for DAGS, CGC, ISIEC in addition to the training programme of ICAPS regular students.
Okwy belongs to various professional bodies and presently concluding his doctoral degree.