The Institute’s Authority For Offering Entrepreneurship And Management Qualification / Certification

The Institute for Chartered Entrepreneurship Consultants of Nigeria (ICECN) under the chartered-ship House bill SB286 and upon the evaluation and accreditation of Federal Ministry of Education and consent of the Attorney General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the institute is legally registered by Corporate Affairs Commission, under Company and Allied Matters Acts 1990 to Audit, Train and Award Certificates to members.

Members of the institute are qualified Entrepreneurship consultants/ specialist, management consultants, Applied Economists, Internal Management Auditors, Marketing Researchers/Analyst/Consultants, Financial Analysts, Entrepreneurial Educational, IT Consultants, etc. They are admitted to pursue professional Post Graduate and Masters such as PPGD, PMBA and PMSC in relevant field in the institute and our partnering affiliate universities,

The Institute award professional qualifications with designator letters to those with brain-power, vocational and managerial skills as these are some skills that determine the difference between success and failure and converting individuals to wealth creators.

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